Want To Sell Or Rent Out Your Property?

Looking to Sell or Rent?
The property market can be quite daunting at times, particularly in a challenging and changing market.

You may be ready to move, have children fleeing the nest to go to university or just fancy a change of scenery, a new challenge or wish to down size or perhaps buy something bigger. Whatever your reasons for thinking of a move, you may be feeling cautious about actually putting your property on the open market in case it doesn’t sell or rent.

A potential solution is to register on our free off market confidential database. Upon receiving new instructions to carry out a search, we check to see if your property would be suitable for our clients. If it is, we would contact you to establish if you are still interested in selling or renting and if you are, we would recommend it to our clients having viewed it initially on our clients’ behalf.

This is a win, win situation for sellers or landlords as it means you don’t have to advertise your property on the internet, don’t need a “For Sale” or “To Let” board, only have one set of purchasers or tenants looking round and can sell or rent discretely. If you haven’t already instructed an agent, the only fee you have to pay is the normal solicitor’s fee as it is our client, the buyer or tenant, who pays our fee.

For more information or to register your property with us, contact Fiona Gilbert on 01423 360011 or 07710 324035 or email us at [email protected]

  • As vendors, we found the services of Prestige Relocation to be highly professional throughout. They introduced a buyer to us, and they were extremely discreet from start to end. We also enjoyed the benefits of not having to put our home on the open market with all the obvious stresses and expense that would have entailed. In addition, the process was managed seamlessly by them, and we found the central contact between us and our buyers to be very helpful. We would certainly recommend Prestige Relocation to others based on our positive experience, and thanks again to the team!

    Natalie B, Harrogate.